Metropolis Festival

The challenge

The Metropolis Festival in Rotterdam is the event to discover new pop music and talent. The problem of course, is that nobody has heard of them.

The solution
We want to create a hype of a fake band called “The Never Heard Of’s”. Hanging prints in local areas, giving away t-shirts, creating a buzz. Then later a couple of bands (who also perform at the festival) could give some mini-concerts in the city with a van. During the concerts (as well as later on) you can login with the provided wifi and on to your Spotify account, where then you will find more songs of the bands online. After the concerts, demo-cd’s (they actually are USB-drives and spotify-urls of playlists) will be given away. On that demo are songs of various artists who will perform on the festival, as well as a link to the website.


Collaboration with Xanthe van Haaften.

januari 06, 2015